Everyday brings a new opportunity to venture out and accomplish something you have always set out to achieve. So stop making excuses, and do it! Make time for yourself and do the things you have always only thought about doing, life is way too short to not do something you want to. Face your fears, follow your dreams and take a risk.

I can say this because I have tried to slowly implement this into my life as well, initially it was planned out to be slowly over time then the more I thought about that concept “over time”… who has time for that?! Not me! So I quit my corporate healthcare job and got myself a restaurant, but nope that wasn’t enough my brother, Brandon and I are business partners in a real estate investment company as well. Yes dramatic I know but its the truth. Thankfully I have a very supportive family and a husband who is always my number one fan.

Along with that crazy adventure I have always wanted this, Portions of Life is my contribution to the world, a place to document my life and hopefully bring some enrichment to some of yours. So please go out and conquer the world, even if it scares you, go for it! After all.. what do you have to lose?